Medications and the Bushfire Emergency in NSW

The medical observer today had an article on GPs involved in the response effort including helping patients out with lost scripts as people left their homes with minimal or no belongings.

There are two ways you can obtain medications besides seeing your doctor. Your pharmacist can provide three days emergency supply or can contact your doctor on your behalf to confirm the medication and ensure the scripts are sent to the pharmacy “as soon as practicable” as stated in the Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Regulations 2008 (NSW).

There are also ways to have authority prescriptions ordered earlier and pick up an early supply of your medication if you have the script but no medication.

All these are encompassed in the relevant state and federal law but brought together in the the advice provided by the federal Department of Health for areas affected by bushfire.

The document also has information for pharmacists on claiming for prescriptions if phone lines are down or their prescription claim is destroyed by fire.

Download (PDF, 126KB)

The Travelling School Reborn

One year and one day ago I wrote on the end of the travelling school. A school that travelled with the carnival families to teach their children.

Today on Twitter Kerry Blades tweeted:

They used social media to shame the Victorian and NSW governments and support from Peter Garrett and Bill Shorten to raise some money for the classrooms and the carnival parents raised another $68,000 to buy a semi-trailer to tow them. Read the Brisbane Courier for more of the story at the time.

An incredible effort but as Kerry tweeted:

it is just too hard to send away a 6 yr old to board for school

The carnival community hire the teachers, an accounting firm does the books and parents help out with the kids doing distance education. As you would expect, internet connections can be a problem which has led to parents skipping the online lessons. Unfortunately they have no guarantee of future funding.

If you want to keep up to date with what is happening with the National School for Travelling Show Children follow the #NSTSC hashtag on Twitter

A good news story. Hopefully they can find funding to secure the future of this essential and unique school.

Wreck of the Week #74

It’s been a while. As usual click on the image for a better view.


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