PSA – You Have Peak Hour Traffic and I Have……

Well we don’t have too many vehicles blocking the road but we have other hazards on the road. These big buggers becomes even more of a danger at night. You might not see them, but often you can smell them.

Outback Australia has the largest wild herds of single humped dromedaries in the world. Shooters have taken a few thousand head out of here over the last twelve months. Not that you would notice.

This was taken on a digital camera and then by the time Youtube do their thing the quality is a little poor. But you’ll get the gist of it. The sound effects are real.


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Robbo is a pharmacist working with a very remote Aboriginal Health Service in the deserts of Western Australia. + Andrew Robbo Roberts

15 thoughts on “PSA – You Have Peak Hour Traffic and I Have……”

  1. I am more worried about them changing direction suddenly. Though when you are driving along at about 30kph it makes it a bit hard for them. At night they often lie on the warm road – they are not exactly a flourescent orange colour.

  2. …just daily walk in the park for you! Amazing. I must visit the Outback once in my lifetime. Great stuff 🙂

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