PSA – Abandoned Homestead Strzelecki Creek

This homestead was built early last century some kilometres from the Strzelecki Creek in north-east South Australia. This is normally dry but flows once every 25 years or so, breaking its banks to spread many kilometres wide. As this homestead found out. The new homestead is about 90km from here.

Note the long drop dunny in the foreground. It had a great view.

PSA stands for Pleasant Sunday Afternoon. It does not stand for my professional body – The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia. Mere coincidence.

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Robbo is a pharmacist working with a very remote Aboriginal Health Service in the deserts of Western Australia. + Andrew Robbo Roberts

4 thoughts on “PSA – Abandoned Homestead Strzelecki Creek”

  1. What an interesting blog, and thanks for your comments on understanding prescription labels — very sobering statistics. Speaking as an American about language barriers, I’ll always remember our trip to Australia back in 1996, when they would still let kids visit the plane’s cockpit crew in flight. My husband and son
    went up and asked the Qantas pilots if they ever had trouble understanding air traffic controllers around the world. They said, “Only the Americans — can’t understand a word they say!”
    Loved our trip there!

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