A Little Bit of Rain

Addition: For a completely different view look at this dust storm

In the big smoke when the rain falls the State Emergency Service and others come out to set things right. In the 50% of Australia where 0.1% of the population lives things are not always that simple. It took us four days to dig out the road train bringing the food to the community (see the videos below).

Currently the nearest the food truck can get is 125km to us (nearly 300km to the most distant) and we have been bringing pallets of vegies on the back of 4wds and a load of bread in my troopie. We will have to drive over to get our Christmas hams and turkey as it is unlikely a truck will get through in the next couple of weeks

A couple of days ago I posted a Weather Report. It had a few pictures, but today in my Pleasant Sunday Afternoon post there are videos and pictures galore.

The pictures in the slide show are not in any order, but are from December 1st to the 10th. Don’t forget to check out the videos below.

It took us a couple of days before we heard the truck was bogged. It took two cars to get out to him as the roads were a little “iffy”. Watch the video for part of the drive out to the truck. I apologise for the sound…but I love being where I am!

It took us until Thursday to get the truck out of the 1st hole. We had to pump water out of low lying areas to assist the road to dry out and take the weight of 75tonnes. However we had to leave the second trailer behind and hit the road at speed with 45 tonne on the back.

Eight kilometres down the road and the truck was stuck again. There was no way to get past, forcing us off the road with the troopie in low range as we led our little earthmover along the high ground to try and get in front of the truck. This also sank and took us a little while to get out.

The pump got rid of a lot of the water, but we had to manually unload 8 tonne of food stuffs to lighten the load on the rear axles to make it easier to pull out. The food, box by box, was placed into the bucket of our little tractor and driven out of the mud to then load into a small truck for the run into the community.

Two days later right on dusk the truck was freed and did a high speed run into town as the rain started to fall, thankfully not getting stuck again.

Watching rain on video can be a bit boring. But there is an occasional flash of lightning and clap of thunder. If you haven’t heard the sound of rain on a tin roof then this is also the video for you! Only roughly edited – do I need to fade in and out for rain?

If you have made it all the way to here, take a look at the following posts that you might enjoy such as my video on my Peak Hour Traffic and my little post about a Drive in the Country.

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Robbo is a pharmacist working with a very remote Aboriginal Health Service in the deserts of Western Australia. + Andrew Robbo Roberts

15 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Rain”

  1. superb chuckling on the videos! What an amazing place.
    That’s some very high motivation to get that xmas ham! Just don’t get stuck…

  2. …as mentioned by dreamingspires that ham is well deserved! Dreamingspires how about that for a walk in the rain?!

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  4. Dreamingspires and Francesca – I have the ham in the fridge. I am looking for a very very quiet Christmas.

    Chris – thanks for the comments. The video is particularly amateurish and came from my digital camera. The pics are a bit different as it is coming form someone living bush, in the siotuation, rather than as a tourist or interviewer


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