Dust Storm

Addition: Also have a look at what a little bit of rain does.

Earlier this year there was a bit of a dust storm at Fregon Community in the AP lands South Australia. (click on the pictures to see it in all its glory). These pics from a Remote Area Nurse.






Fregon- dust-storm-7






I’m sure they were cleaning dust out of every nook, cranny and orifice for weeks!

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Robbo is a pharmacist working with a very remote Aboriginal Health Service in the deserts of Western Australia. + Andrew Robbo Roberts

28 thoughts on “Dust Storm”

  1. Beautiful pictures, but frightening. Surprised that the camera kept working.

    p.s. a mild storm went over your blog as well. It looks very well. I like it.

  2. It reminded me of a scene in Derby in the far north of WA whereby a group of us were gathered at the local walk-in theater on Loch Street when all of a sudden the sky turned black. It was nothing short of a locust plaque sweeping through the town and for us poor souls, the women lifted their skirts over their head whilst cramping down in a sitting position and us uneducated men folk, took the full brunt of impact? I had longer hair back then and can vividly recall the agony of having grasshoppers pulled out of my hair…it wasn’t fun! In a sandstorm, the dust would certainly have penetrated every much loved home computer and it does destroy machinery. Beauty has its wonders and it also leave a path of destruction behind in it’s wake.

  3. Awesome photos. On the one hand, I would love to take photos like that, but on the other hand, I am glad I never came across such a thing on my travels in Australia.
    I reckon there’s a lot of dust to bite after you hit one. 🙂

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