Residential Aged Care Coronial Communiqué

The August 2010 Residential Aged Care Communiqué is out. Well it has been out for a while.
This is a great resource that highlights selected cases that have been reported to the State Coroner’s Office that may interest the Aged Care Community.

You can subscribe by email at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine with the communiqué becoming available online much later.

The Residential Aged Care Coronial Communiqué highlights selected cases that have been reported to the State Coroner’s Office and are of interest to the Aged Care Community. The aims of the Communiqué are:

• To improve the awareness of clinicians, health workers, carers and those in positions of governance about adverse events resulting from systems failures. Lessons from past cases can then be applied to their own institutions.

• To improve residential aged care workers’ understanding of the coronial system and the work performed by the Clinical Liaison Service.

This issue looks at two cases of residents with dementia. One resident wanders and the other repeatedly places objects in his mouth. One thing in common in these cases is how we become acclimatised to abnormal or dangerous behaviour. Initially we worry about the behaviour but over time we start to think of it as normal. This can lead to us not being as aware and also makes us slower to respond to change.

Download (PDF, 187KB)

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