A Personal Journey

Bev Manton the Chairwoman of the NSW Aboriginal Land Council today personally handed to Oprah Winfrey a DVD showing the bits of Australia she won’t see on her tour down under.

ABC 783 Alice Springs Radio Alice Springs

The part of Australia Oprah won’t see is the living conditions of her “brothers and sisters” living in the Northern Territory in third world conditions as experienced by Bev on a recent fact finding mission.

Here is a 7 minute short of the 15 minute video that was given tom Oprah. The full 15 minutes will be available from December 20.

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Robbo is a pharmacist working with a very remote Aboriginal Health Service in the deserts of Western Australia. + Andrew Robbo Roberts

9 thoughts on “A Personal Journey”

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  6. Well, Robbo, I am sitting here crying my heart out – as if tears could mend what I have just seen. I have seen a bit around the bush – but nothing so obscene as the powercords running to a washing machine on bricks uncovered in the middle of the red dirt. Is this the best Australia can do? We have brilliant athletes. We have Nobel Prize winners. We gave birth and sustenance to the biggest newspaper owner in the world and we gave refuge to the man who is the biggest shopping mall owner in the world. We give awards for Australians of the Year. And, clearly, those who govern us think they are pretty hot-shot as well.

    And we can do nothing for these people, nothing to enhance their lives and bring their children into a hope-filled future?

    I’m a great believer in natural justice. I also believe that when it comes it catches not only the guilty but all of us in its web. So I mourn for the here and now of these lives circumscribed in this way – and I mourn for all of us who will, sooner or later, pay the price for our lack of concern and fellow feeling

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