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some older links focusing on Indigenous Renal disease.

Federal government responds to Central Australia renal study by promising to increase housing for renal patients

AM story “Dialysis difficult for SA aborigines” focuses on APY people. why lower case “a” and not Aboriginal used?

Snowdon: Best approach for remote Indigenous renal services is to bring them to a central location

Some disappointment in the Central Australian Renal Study. Needed firmer recommendations

Remote Aborigines with renal problems get 3rd rate services. New plans for second-rate services will help widen the gap

Central Australian Renal Study found between 312-479 central Australians will require dialysis by 2020

Renal study didn’t look at options around dialysis in communities

Study shows dialysis patients have tripled in Outback in past decade

The Indigenous News Updates are sourced from news and other articles from around the country that I have posted on Twitter.

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