Why you should follow @IndigenousX – an Indigenous Curated Twitter Account.

Luke Pearson set up the IndigenousX account up on Twitter and has a different Indigenous Australian tweet from it each week.


He has a big plans for IndigenousX and yesterday (Saturday) on Twitter he said if he could get to 10,000 followers by Thursday (just over 6000 at the time) he’d donate a $100 to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (@ILF).

@urthboy said he would triple that and the promotion of the IndigenousX account and offers of donations (currently about $5685 with some already donated) to ILF started flowing in.

IndigenousX received several hundred new followers in a few hours and on New Year’s Day evening has over 7700 followers

Now I am not saying to follow IndigenousX because he’s trying to increase his followers. Look at the aims Luke has for the account:

1. The main goal is to have a safe space for Indigenous tweeps to share their stories. Their hopes, dreams, goals, & also their frustrations.

2. To network & make new friendships & connections between like-minded tweeps from any & all backgrounds.


3.To allow non-Indigenous tweeps to hear from Indigenous voices.


If you want to learn from our Indigenous Australians, to see aspirations and worries they have as a people and as individuals I urge you to follow IndigenousX.

Preferably by Thursday.

And if you want to donate to a charity you can’t do better than by assisting kids out bush to read. Donate to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Luke has assisted me in the past with obtaining a large box of books which sit on my bookshelf for visiting kids and families to read (although most have made their way to homes).

Luke has written about the follower drive and fundraising.

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