Witness – The Intervention

Tweetrecorded by Aljazeera English Recorded over eight months in the Northern Territory of Australia, this film shows the impact of the government’s so-called ‘intervention’ policy on the aboriginal communities it was designed to ‘stabilise’. And the Intervention hasn’t gone – replaced by a new program that according to Fr Frank Brennan is The Intervention on … Continue reading Witness – The Intervention

The Intervention and Compulsory Acquisition in Town Camps

TweetThis video was recorded in July 2009 a month before the compulsory acquisition of homes in the town camps was supposed to begin. This video was produced in defence of Tangentyere Council who was forced to relinquish the homes. It would be interesting to go back and interview these women again about whether benefits have … Continue reading The Intervention and Compulsory Acquisition in Town Camps

The Intervention and Employment

TweetThe Intervention (or as it became to be known – Northern Territory Emergency Response) was brought in to improve the lives of remote Indigenous Australians within the Northern Territory. No where else as the Federal Government could not take over State’s rights, only the Territory. The first move was to suspend the Racial Discrimination Act. … Continue reading The Intervention and Employment

Income Management under the Intervention

TweetMy blog has plenty of links to “The Intervention” or the Northern Territory Emergency Response as the government would like it called. To implement the Intervention the Racial Discrimination Act had to be suspended. One of the paternalistic programs was the Basics Card and Income management. Pretty much a modern day ration card to use … Continue reading Income Management under the Intervention

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