RGH Bulletin – Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis

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Twisted Loyalties

I am finding more of these “lost” posts. Not more to go!

I started firing up the blog on about the 8th of August. I was trying to work out in my mind about posting here, and on Auspharmlistthe Australian pharmacist email newsletter.

On the front page of my blog, like most blogs, there is space to put your favourite blogs and websites. At the moment the only website I have listed is Auspharm. Along with the comment “In my opinion the best Australian pharmacy on the web. Auspharm consists of Auspharmlist, a daily email discussion list along with relevant articles and a pharmacy news summary. The home page I use is the Auspharmacist site. If you are an Australian pharmacist you are probably well aware of Mark Dunn and the Auspharmlist.

Before I headed out bush I locumed for about 5 years throughout rural and remote Australia. Far from the cities and face to face CPE and wanting to keep up to date with current thinking I found the list a great way to stay informed. And I still do.

A blog is supposed to be somewhere your thoughts can appear “first”. However the list, and the conversation between listers is still what I go to first thing each morning.So what to do? Post first here on topics relevant to Auspharm or post here after posting to Auspharm? I guess it will sort itself out. My audience here will be smaller and perhaps different to the crowd on the Auspharmlist. And the brief I have given myself here is a little wider than just pharmacy. Geez, if I wrote this much on where to post first what will happen if I post on items of ethics!
But if you are an Aussie pharmacist I urge you to sign up to the Auspharmlist.

Is This Price Gouging?

From August 10th, 2008

Over at PharmaGossip the following post was made on Saturday.

Define “gouging”

Prices on 64 drugs are expected to more than double this year, up from just 22 in 2004, according to researchers at the University of Minnesota.

Many of the drugs are used to treat rare ailments, such as Ovation Pharmaceuticals’ Cosmegen, which is prescribed exclusively to children with rare kidney cancer. The company raised the drugs’ price more than 3,400 percent in 2006 to $593.75 from just $16.79

I’d say Ovation Pharmaceuticals need a round of applause..

The original article was on MSNBC.

My only concern with the article is that Andy Borowitz uses researchers from the University of Minnesota extensively in his column.

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