Ebola Advice for Clinicians by the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is finally becoming noticed by western nations months after it should have been. Our health department are putting out plans and guidelines in case infected patients reach Australia.

If you are interested in information that is a bit more technical than the newspapers I urge you to have a look at the article Caring for Patients With Ebola: A Challenge in Any Care Facility published by the Annals of Internal Medicine which reviews the best way to care and also protect healthworkers from filoviruses such as Ebola. The article discuss what needs to be included in preparation drills as well as discussing the type of biocontainment facility that is required.

Below is a recent Ebola advice from the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee released for clinicians working in secondary or tertiary care. The content again is technical but is worth a read to see the information being provided to our healthcare workers.

Download (PDF, 1006KB)

Feedback on the draft Clinical Care Standard for Stroke

The Australian on Safety and Quality in Healthcare has released a draft document “Clinical Care Standard of Stroke

This is available for comment until the 23rd of May.

The goal of the Clinical Care Standard for Stroke is to improve the early assessment and management of an adult with stroke so as to increase their chance of surviving a stroke, maximise their recovery, and reduce their risk of a future stroke

Even if you aren’t thinking of commenting I urge you to look at both the summary versions, the Consumer Fact Sheet Consultation Draft and the Clinician Fact Sheet Consultation Draft as they remind you of the symptoms to be aware of and the process they are wanting hospitals to undertake to improve early assessment and care.

The Travelling School Reborn

One year and one day ago I wrote on the end of the travelling school. A school that travelled with the carnival families to teach their children.

Today on Twitter Kerry Blades tweeted:

They used social media to shame the Victorian and NSW governments and support from Peter Garrett and Bill Shorten to raise some money for the classrooms and the carnival parents raised another $68,000 to buy a semi-trailer to tow them. Read the Brisbane Courier for more of the story at the time.

An incredible effort but as Kerry tweeted:

it is just too hard to send away a 6 yr old to board for school

The carnival community hire the teachers, an accounting firm does the books and parents help out with the kids doing distance education. As you would expect, internet connections can be a problem which has led to parents skipping the online lessons. Unfortunately they have no guarantee of future funding.

If you want to keep up to date with what is happening with the National School for Travelling Show Children follow the #NSTSC hashtag on Twitter

A good news story. Hopefully they can find funding to secure the future of this essential and unique school.

Medicines in the Bush workshop


The 12th Rural Health Conference is on in Adelaide from April 7th-10th. I’ll be going and if you have an interest in rural health I hope you are as well.

There are a number of pre-conference workshops. The Medicines in the Bush workshop held on Sunday April 7th is one of these. I’ll be presenting and quite possibly talking a bit. If you are a rural or remote pharmacist I hope to see you at the workshop.

Download the flyer:

Download (PDF, 989KB)

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