Patrick Tjungurrayi: Beyond Borders

If you want to buy a great book and support a fantastic cause then buy this book. All monies go to support The Purple House which provides a remote dialysis service in central Australia getting people home to country.

From UWA publishing
From UWA publishing

I am lucky enough to know this grand old man and my book is on order. Buy it here.

For a review of the book look at
Aboriginal Art & Culture: an American eye.

From the UWA Publishing website:

Patrick Tjungurrayi is revered throughout the Western Desert for his strength in Aboriginal Law, feted in the art-world for the originality and power of his paintings, and respected everywhere for his stand against the inadequate health bureaucracy of central Australia. His life illuminates the history, art history, and political history of Australia throughout the twentieth century. This is his story.

Patrick Tjungurrayi has told his story and used his art to raise public and political awareness of a major renal health crisis facing Aboriginal people across Australia. As a dialysis patient himself, who has fought for the provision of adequate health services in remote communities, Patrick’s story illuminates the innovative and effective response to this crisis being driven by an extraordinary Indigenous organisation, the Purple House (Western Desert Dialysis).

Rebuilding Papulankutja Art Centre

Robert Woods dancing as they mourn the loss of their art centre
Robert Woods dancing as they mourn the loss of their art centre

In the early part of October on a windy hot day a grass fire burnt down the store room and gallery of the Papulankutja Art Centre. The fire destroyed all stock waiting to be sold to give the artists earnings and to pay for the running of the art centre. This included paintings, artefacts, bush soap and important works from artists who have since passed away. The loss of stock has been estimated at over $200,000

Papulankutja (also known as Blackstone) is about 80km west of the tristate (SA, WA, NT) border in the Ngaanyatjarra lands. Give yourself about 9-10 hours to drive into the closest major centre, Alice Springs.

They need help to rebuild and to assist with this they have started a crowd funding campaign to raise just over $37000 to assist with obtaining a new portable unit. There are some beautiful gifts for donating from $25 to $5000.

You can also buy in their Christmas sale with the artists giving 10% of all sales from new paintings since the fire to help rebuild their art centre.

Papulankutja Artists Crowdfunding Campaign from DRAMA on Vimeo.

Watch the video, go to their fund raising campaign and donate, head to their online gallery to purchase a product and follow them on Facebook.

Shit Whitefellas Say

Ever heard anyone say anything similar to what is in the video?

Produced by the Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company

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