A Prime Minister for Aboriginal Affairs

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has pledged to take direct responsibility for Indigenous Policy…

TONY ABBOTT: Under an incoming Coalition government, Indigenous affairs will be handled within the department of prime minister and cabinet. There will be, in effect, a prime minister for Aboriginal affairs.

in a speech given to the Sydney Institute on April 15th.

While there was not much detail it certainly sounds impressive. A Prime Minister forcing improvements in Indigenous lives, closing the gap. But what sort of people would in effect be running the portfolio?

On April 18th at a Qantas function his Director of Policy Dr Mark Roberts made a throat-slitting motion and threatened to “cut the throat” of funding to Andrew Penfold the CEO of the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation.

Not only that, but when he realised there was a witness, Peter van Onselon, Mr Roberts apparently offered to become a deep throat from within Abbott’s office if van Onselon kept his mouth shut.

The possible Prime Minister for Aboriginal Affairs only action was to not sack but only demote his Director of Policy.

Makes me wonder how Indigenous Affairs will progress under Abbott.

A Personal Journey

Bev Manton the Chairwoman of the NSW Aboriginal Land Council today personally handed to Oprah Winfrey a DVD showing the bits of Australia she won’t see on her tour down under.

ABC 783 Alice Springs Radio Alice Springs

The part of Australia Oprah won’t see is the living conditions of her “brothers and sisters” living in the Northern Territory in third world conditions as experienced by Bev on a recent fact finding mission.

Here is a 7 minute short of the 15 minute video that was given tom Oprah. The full 15 minutes will be available from December 20.

The Maiden Speech of Australia’s First MHR Ken Wyatt was a Ripper

Ken Wyatt, member for Hasluck, WA was elected into the Federal House of Representatives and became the first Indigenous member of the lower house. Australia has had two Indigenous Senators elected prior to this.

On Wednesday 29th September 2010 he gave his maiden speech.

As a Canberra journo Stephen Spencer tweeted “I can’t think of a better maiden speech in this place in the 25 years I’ve been in Canberra. #kenwyatt

I only heard it after the event and it sent tingles down my spine. I urge you all to visit the AustralianPolitics.com and listen to his speech.

1/10/2010 – Text of speech available

4/10/2010 Video of his maiden speech now available.

The Indigenous and Remote Daily “Newspaper”

I bet you didn’t know the Internet published newspapers.

Well it sort of does.

I mention from time to time that I use Twitter a fair bit. All links on my Indigenous News updates are “tweeted” before being compiled into the various updates. I follow a few interested in Remote and Indigenous Health and other remote issues. I have these compiled in a list.

A website called paper.li graps the links posted by these interesting people and produces a daily online newspaper (access my paper by clicking on the banner).

Now I could have caught up the links by those using the hashtag #indigenous but that would flood my paper with International links. I like the balance the first couple of editions have.

If you are looking for a different way to read up on remote and Indigenous articles other (or instead of- hopefully not!) my Indigenous News Updates then follow me on Twitter or subscribe by clicking on the “Alert Me” button on the black bar of the “newspaper”.

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