Tangentyere Women’s Group Community Day

Tangentyere Council This short video of the Tangentyere Women’s Group community day may offer a different perspective to the town camps in Alice Springs as well as the strength and resilience of the community members – particularly the women – who in some cases have been living in the town camps for four or more generations.

The open day celebrates the work of the women’s group in areas such as women’s and family safety.

Ngaya ngalawa

Ngaya ngalawa (I stay) is a new artwork commissioned by Mirvac for their new 8 Chifley building in Sydney.

You won’t find me writing of Sydney and property developers very often but this artwork is worth a mention.

On an electronic display fitted to four sides of a 19 metre steel column are pieces from nearly 300 songs, poems, stories and autobiography from 80 Aboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islanders. These include authors, poets, playwrights, activists and songwriters.

You can read more about it from the Mirvac press release and please take a look at the I stay website.

Researcher: Why is he the ugly child? Answer: “Because he is black”

Our Attorney General wants to protect the rights of people to be bigots such as Andrew Bolt (convicted of breaching the Racial Discrimination Act).

I urge you to take a look at the following video. Is this the effect of bigotry and stereotyping by race?

Coalition Indigenous Affairs Policy

Earlier today the LNP released their internet filter plan. An 11 page document describing an opt-out system. That policy lasted less than five hours. Apparently despite the coalition having all their policies ready to go Messrs Abbott and Turnbull (his portfolio area) only read the policy the night before, and in Turnbull’s case a short time before he went on radio today (Thursday).

The Coalition also released their Policy for Indigenous Affairs. Again 11 pages long. A plan Mr Abbott has promoted is to create the “Prime Minister’s Indigenous Advisory Council” chaired by Warren Mundine. Bob Gosford has written on Mr Mundine’s ideas over at The Northern Myth.

There is not much detail in their policy. The Health “policy” is a little more than half a page long and very few of their plans are costed. Several pages of their “policy” document are used to bag Labor policies and programs (and some do need to be bagged). But their are a few costings mentioned over the forward estimates (4 years):

  • Up to $45 million to assist Andrew Forrest’s Generation One Indigenous training and employment program
  • $22mil to be spent in remote schools to introduce phonic based education models over 10 years
  • $22mil to expand boarding school opportunities through scholarships (means tested -compare that to maternity leave!)
  • $5mil to design a trial of Jawun’s “Empowered Communities Initiative”
  • From the LNP policy document:

    The Coalition’s Policy for Indigenous Affairs will invest $94 million over the forward estimates in a better future for indigenous Australians.

    If they are spending to introduce phonic based education over 10 years then it is not an investment of $94 million over the forward estimates. But still, some funds flowing in has to be a good thing. Right?

    It has been a busy day for the Coalition. They had promised more funding cuts and held a press conference to publicise them today. Eight pages of what was described as “political fluff“. The funding cuts document is here.

    The document shows the funding for the Indigenous training and employment is only over 2 years (Point 7.12). They think they will have full Indigenous employment by then?

    But the kicker is Point 9.3 Reprioritise Indigenous Policy Reform program saving $42mil over the forward estimates. What is this program? It is Indigenous Legal Aid. Despite rapidly increasing Indigenous prisoner populations they are ripping away their right to legal representation.

    Makes a mockery of their policy document investing $94mil into Indigenous Affairs “innit”?

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