Does Nasal Hair Density Reduce Asthma Rates?

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Well it seems the answer is Yes.

The Adult Allergy Unit, Department of Chest Diseases, Hacettepe University School of Medicine, Ankara, Turkey in their abstract stated:

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report on this subject in the literature.

And I bet it is.

This study was in those with seasonal rhinitis. It appears the higher the nasal hair density the less you were likely to have asthma. The rate of asthma was 44.7, 26.2 and 16.7% in the few, moderate and many (hairy nostril) groups.

I wonder who counted the hairs to determine what grouping people fell into.

So grow your hair in your nostrils to keep your airways good people.

I love this research stuff.

Int Arch Allergy Immunol. 2011 Mar 30;156(1):75-80.
Abstract here

Have I been too long in the bush?

Earlier this week while the rest of the world was wondering if updating their iPhone to OS4 would delete their data I was in a state of great excitement.

I had returned home and saw there was a new 44 gallon drum out the front for me to burn my rubbish in. It even caused envy. Friends visited and noticed I had a new drum and they didn’t. Theirs is starting to collapse so the camp dogs and dingos can get in underneath the cover and go through the rubbish if it isn’t burnt.

I know you want to see it……


Sorry iPhone? Operating system what?

Have a Pleasant Sunday Afternoon

Telegrams and Dispensing Schedule 4 Drugs in Emergency Cases

In most Poison’s and Pharmacy Acts and Regulations in Australia there is the ability to give an emergency supply of medication. Within pharmacy it is usually a three day emergency supply. However should the prescriber contact you you can supply and the prescriber must supply a prescription shortly after.

telegram boys

Here is the relevant regulation within the Western Australia’s Poisons Regulations

38 . Dispensing poisons included in Schedule 4 in emergency cases

Where a medical practitioner, nurse practitioner, dentist or veterinary surgeon in a case of emergency orally or by telephone or telegram directs the dispensing of a poison included in Schedule 4, he shall forthwith write a prescription complying with the conditions prescribed in regulation 37, mark such prescription to show that it has been given as a confirmation of instructions given by him orally or by telephone or telegram, and despatch such prescription within 24 hours to the person to whom the instructions were given.

[Regulation 38 amended in Gazette 19 Mar 1996 p. 1222; amended by Act No. 9 of 2003 s. 46.]

Now I was going to make a smart alec remark about receiving an old fashioned telegram to urgently dispense a medication. A telegram in the 21st Century? Yeah Right. But it seems they have a niche market. Australia Post still provides a telegram service. I like how you can organise the telegram by phone or over the internet.

When it’s special, send a TELeGRAM. Some messages are too important for a phone call and too special for email.

That’s how Australia Post markets it. But it goes on.

The TELeGRAM combines new age demands with old world charm to offer you a quick, convenient way to send a message that matters.

Create your messages on-line, select from a range of images, and we print and post a hard copy of your special message to any delivery point within Australia.

I love it. I want a doctor to send their local pharmacist a drug order by telegram. And I want a camera there to see the response. I wonder if singing telegrams or gorilla-grams are also legitimate ways for ordering medications in an emergency.

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