Our Supplies Have Arrived. Well Sort Of.

Our roads have been shut off a lot of the time, particularly for trucks since before the Queensland floods. Our food deliveries usually come in from Perth. However with the rains the road to the east has been open a little more often and we have had one or two road trains come from Alice Springs to deliver food once or perhaps twice since Christmas.

Over the weekend with the roads open to the west a backlog of trucks (albeit with only a maximum of two trailers allowed) started to roll into various communities. This is my community on Sunday evening. Three trucks waiting to unload supplies before moving onto the next community and one truck being unloaded in the yard behind the community shop.

Some carried loads for exploration crews in the area and some contained refrigerated items that had been packed in January when the roads opened. Only to be closed again before the trucks could get through. Our bok choy and celery weren’t much chop and the yogurt arrived three weeks out of date. we have a dry goods truck packed for six weeks still waiting to get out.

But that’s life out remote. Only a few out here have whinged about it.

We were looking forward to the chill truck coming out again next week with fresh food but the three trucks in the picture and the truck being unloaded all became bogged on the same stretch of dirt road heading back to Laverton. It could be a while again before the next truck.

We had a similar problem in 2008

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