Love a Good Truck #10

2111042S  Big Rig0012

The trucks had loaded at Innamincka Station and were heading towards the Burke and Wills Bridge and was inside the Nappa Merrie Station boundary. Both road trains got bogged. The second truck and one trailer got free and managed to pull the first truck and a trailer out.

The road to the bridge drops off the plain down to the river and can be quite slippery. One of the drivers jumped in with me in my troopie and we had a look at the road. Having decided he could drive down we then drove another 20kms where we could find a spot dry enough to drop off a trailer and turn around to collect another.

They had been bogged for some time and were concerned if they couldn’t get out the cattle would have had too much time off water they would have to be released into the Nappa Merrie paddock.

It was a fun day playing in the mud.

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2111042S26 Big Rig 50026

Cattle train

These pictures were taken many years ago on film which I scanned several years ago into about 35MB files.

Love a Good Truck #8

This is from a few years ago outside Longreach in outback Queensland

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