Welcome to Bite The Dust

G’day and welcome to my blog BitingTheDust.

If you have arrived at this page it’s probably because you are a student and have received the link from a rural health club or university. Please take the time to have a look around. I suggest you look at about the blog and also look at why I am called Robbo out here.

I am arguably the remotest pharmacist in Australia covering 10% of Western Australia from the tristate border (SA/NT/WA) to within 500km of Kalgoorlie. I started the blog to push remote and aboriginal health and also to show pharmacists can speak about bigger issues in health. It has now become much larger than this.

Let me point you in a few directions to explore the blog.

You can find the latest news articles on Indigenous Health or take a look at all the other Indigenous News Update headings.

Perhaps you are after Drug Information. Unfortunately I no longer have the time to produce my own remote drug bulletins and much of this category is now made up of the E-Bulletins from the Repatriation General Hospital in Adelaide.

If it’s something quirky you are after take a peek at Wreck of the Week. There’s heaps more available. Look at the “Topics” list over on the right or enter your own search terms.

Contact me if you have any queries (remember I am on the road a bit and it may take a couple of days to answer).

If you are from James Cook University I will be seeing you the last week in May 2010.

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