A Prime Minister for Aboriginal Affairs

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has pledged to take direct responsibility for Indigenous Policy…

TONY ABBOTT: Under an incoming Coalition government, Indigenous affairs will be handled within the department of prime minister and cabinet. There will be, in effect, a prime minister for Aboriginal affairs.

in a speech given to the Sydney Institute on April 15th.

While there was not much detail it certainly sounds impressive. A Prime Minister forcing improvements in Indigenous lives, closing the gap. But what sort of people would in effect be running the portfolio?

On April 18th at a Qantas function his Director of Policy Dr Mark Roberts made a throat-slitting motion and threatened to “cut the throat” of funding to Andrew Penfold the CEO of the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation.

Not only that, but when he realised there was a witness, Peter van Onselon, Mr Roberts apparently offered to become a deep throat from within Abbott’s office if van Onselon kept his mouth shut.

The possible Prime Minister for Aboriginal Affairs only action was to not sack but only demote his Director of Policy.

Makes me wonder how Indigenous Affairs will progress under Abbott.

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