Feedback on the draft Clinical Care Standard for Stroke

The Australian on Safety and Quality in Healthcare has released a draft document “Clinical Care Standard of Stroke

This is available for comment until the 23rd of May.

The goal of the Clinical Care Standard for Stroke is to improve the early assessment and management of an adult with stroke so as to increase their chance of surviving a stroke, maximise their recovery, and reduce their risk of a future stroke

Even if you aren’t thinking of commenting I urge you to look at both the summary versions, the Consumer Fact Sheet Consultation Draft and the Clinician Fact Sheet Consultation Draft as they remind you of the symptoms to be aware of and the process they are wanting hospitals to undertake to improve early assessment and care.

Educational visiting service from clinical pharmacists. RGH E-Bulletin

This E-Bulletin describes the implementation of an educational visiting service provided by clinical pharmacists working at RGH Daw Park.

The Drug and Therapeutic Information Service (DATIS) based at RGH has provided an academic detailing service for General Practitioners in the community setting for many years, providing education addressing a range of topics. Academic detailing is an established, evidence-based method for influencing prescriber behaviour, but recently has largely been practiced in the community setting. In 2008 a visiting program was implemented at RGH with the aim of increasing prescriber awareness around the prescribing of renally cleared medicines. The need for this became apparent through information gathered from local quality assurance activities, as well as documentation of clinical pharmacy interventions in a departmental monitoring system.

The complete bulletin can be downloaded here

The 2009 RGH E-Bulletins are archived here.

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