Government Signage

Over the last little while there has been a political storm over the signs being placed at schools which have funding under the stimulus package to build something.

The signs are too expensive, too big, need to be moved away from entrances to comply with electoral act and on it goes.

I have already put up my “Road to Recovery” road sign from the middle of nowhere.

Here’s another one:

Government sign

This sign is 1000 kilometres from the nearest sizeable town and would have been trucked out from Perth 1400kms away, along with the cement needed for the posts. Labour costs are also quite expensive out bush and the time would have been better spent on the power station.

This sign is 12ft high, has the aboriginal name of the community spelt incorrectly and is on a private road to the airstrip on an aboriginal community where there are no passer bys. An exploration crew goes past it weekly for fly in and fly out workers and the community has a plane flight a week.

Why is it needed?

Have a pleasant Sunday afternoon everyone

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NT Intervention a Failure – How Could That Be?

The Intervention has been running in the NT for a year now and is under review. For those of you in Australia that have been under a rock the Northern Territory Emergency Response was ostensibly brought in by the last government to stop all the child abuse they knew was happening in the NT. I don’t know if they actually identified one case.

But the Intervention is under review. The NTER Review Board is on the job to see if it was beneficial for kids health. Most who have worked bush says it mainly duplicated what was there, and from what I understand in some instances were reporting incidences of disease far lower than what was known to be there.

Twenty-eight doctors have made a formal submission to the NTER Review Board. many of these doctors came to the Territory to assist with the Intervention. And their view – “health checks for indigenous children under the federal intervention have largely been useless.”

“health checks have been costly but ineffective.” (quote from ABC)

They also stated the obvious. The health checks do not make a difference to the child, it is the follow up treatment that provides this. “The main thing about child health checks is that in of themselves they will not improve the health of that child,” she said.

And that is where we require the funding. To ensure we can get people in to town and back for their operation. Lets spend the money on these areas rather than it waste it all on duplicating resources.

I have placed a post on the Intervention previously.

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