The Intervention: Develop Some Real Solutions

Thanks to the cache on the internet here is an earlier post I lost from Monday Aug 11th.

“I have just completed a six-week stint working as a sexual health specialist in remote Central Australian Aboriginal communities, during which time I revisited many places where I had previously worked and lived as a remote area nurse over a 10-year period. During my latest stint, I was not with the NT Intervention but part of the annual Tri-State screening for STIs (sexually transmitted infections) in Central Australia.

While I saw some positive effects of the Intervention, I have also been horrified by the many negatives.

I am particularly concerned by the huge waste of resources with the child health checks program. What was the point of spending so much money effort describing problems that were already well described? Children in remote communities are the most examined there are in Australia. The Intervention has not turned up anything that was not already known, and it is the follow up treatments that need to be concentrated on.”

So started the article penned by remote area nurse, Chris Wilson in an article in today’s Crikey newsletter. Take a look at the full article here also have a page of comments and articles on the Intervention here

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