Yuwawu, pitja-ya Ngaanyatjarra ngurrakutu. Kulila-ya

A new website at http://www.ngurra.org/ has a brief outline of the Ngaanyatjarra communities (and a few close by) along with a story or two about the community and a traditional story of the country.


Take a look around.

Outback Sunset

Outback Sunset

@sandnsurf likes to post sunsets from the country town of Perth and @dmriver puts up a few sunset pictures from his semi-rural location(?!!)

I couldn’t let them get away with putting up their wussy sunsets. Here’s an outback sunset taken this evening in the middle of a thunder and lightning storm with rain approaching on the Warburton-Jameson road..

Some of the pics are a bit grainy as they were taken on my little indestructible camera.

Unfortunately I had to stop taking pictures as the storm bore down on me. It is not until you are in a metal box surrounded by lightning that you realise how many exposed ridges you drive over and how sparse the tall trees really are!

If I have any decent vids of the drive I will put them up in a later post here!


Outback Sunset 9

Outback Sunset 7

Outback Sunset 8

Outback Sunset 5

Outback Sunset 6

Outback Sunset 2

Missing the City Life?

hey – a post from the 15th August.
I was asked where I live. I hope this clears it all up!
(you may need to click on the post title to view the pic)

It's a long way to anywhere from here
It's a long way to anywhere from here
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