Witness – The Intervention

recorded by Aljazeera English

Recorded over eight months in the Northern Territory of Australia, this film shows the impact of the government’s so-called ‘intervention’ policy on the aboriginal communities it was designed to ‘stabilise’.

And the Intervention hasn’t gone – replaced by a new program that according to Fr Frank Brennan is The Intervention on Steroids


CARPA Conference

The Central Australia Rural Practitioners Association has a yearly conference. This year, rather than holding it at Alice Springs it was held at Katherine.

The theme this year was ‘Child Health – A team effort

The change in conference location, or perhaps the topic seemed to have given it a new lease of life with a larger number of participants than usual. I didn’t go this year but asked someone who did attend what it was like.

This is the best conference summary I have ever heard.

‘Fraid I’m not good at conferences, too impatient.
Darwin was warm (32) & Katherine hot (36) & steamy (70%).

There was a rodeo on apparently, but it was obviously held a way out of town as we saw/heard nothing of it.
But we could smell the cows from time to time!

And we only saw 1 cowboy.


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