Yuwawu, pitja-ya Ngaanyatjarra ngurrakutu. Kulila-ya

A new website at http://www.ngurra.org/ has a brief outline of the Ngaanyatjarra communities (and a few close by) along with a story or two about the community and a traditional story of the country.


Take a look around.

Indigenous Music from Mantamaru

Welcome to another Pleasant Sunday Afternoon.

Last week Ngaanyatjarra Media came over and fixed the media room. As well as a plethora of digital pics being taken and stored on the PCs a couple of the young men recorded a few songs using the mixing desk.

Gosha Jackson
Gosha Jackson
Gosha Jackson is the singer while Basher Woods plays the instruments.

The song is titled I Miss My Home (click once on the link to play) and sung in the Ngaanyatjarra language.

it starts with:

I miss my home and my friends
What can I do when I’m alone
And all my people back at home
The place called Jameson

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