The Indigenous and Remote Daily “Newspaper”

I bet you didn’t know the Internet published newspapers.

Well it sort of does.

I mention from time to time that I use Twitter a fair bit. All links on my Indigenous News updates are “tweeted” before being compiled into the various updates. I follow a few interested in Remote and Indigenous Health and other remote issues. I have these compiled in a list.

A website called graps the links posted by these interesting people and produces a daily online newspaper (access my paper by clicking on the banner).

Now I could have caught up the links by those using the hashtag #indigenous but that would flood my paper with International links. I like the balance the first couple of editions have.

If you are looking for a different way to read up on remote and Indigenous articles other (or instead of- hopefully not!) my Indigenous News Updates then follow me on Twitter or subscribe by clicking on the “Alert Me” button on the black bar of the “newspaper”.

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