It’s Been a Hot One

It’s been hot all over Australia with Tasmania alight and NSW having a shocking day today with over 132 fires.

Out bush we’ve had fires burning out almost continuously for months now. Some of it as planned patch burning, others by lightening strikes and others well, just because…. But we have a bit of room out here so they barely impede us.

It’s also been a bit warm. Here’s the daily maximum temperatures at Warburton (125km away) since Christmas Day

Recent Maximum Temperatures

DateMaximum Temperature (Centigrade)
25 Dec 201240.3
26 Dec 201242.0
27 Dec 201239.5
28 Dec 201239.7
29 Dec 201241.5
30 Dec 201241.9
31 Dec 201240.4
1 Jan 201342.0
2 Jan 201344.4
3 Jan 201341.6
4 Jan 2013 40.6
5 Jan 201341.7
6 Jan 201344.8
7 Jan 201347.0
8 Jan 201347.0

We’ve had eleven days in a row over 40C and if it wasn’t for the cool change on the 27th and 28th of December with maximums of only 39.5 and 39.7 respectively we would have had 19 days straight above 40C.

December’s minimum temeratures were 2.2C above average at 23.7C and the maximum average was 38.3C, 1.9 above average.

Last night was warm, perhaps the warmest January night out here ever at 32.2C and if these temperatures keep going we’ll have our warmest January average at 43.^C which id over five degrees above average.

I don’t know about you lot but I’m going to enjoy the cool change on Sunday. It’s predicted the maximum temperature will drop to 41C.

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