Remote Pharmacist WA – A conversation between myself and the Pharmacy Guild President

In January 2015 the president of the Pharmacy Guild George Tambassis and his PR man Greg Turnbull came onto the lands to spend 5 days with me on the lands. George and I have known each other since uni (in the same prac. group) but had not seen each other since we graduated. We caught up for the first time in nearly 30 years at an international pharmacy conference in September 2014.

The first few hours were spent in Alice Springs where the now previous CEO tried to tell him I was acting out of scope of practice for reviewing medications on the discharge summary of our patients from hospital and advising the doctor of any problems (actually best practice). This set the tone for 2015.

George and Greg travelled out the hard way in a troopie with me for 924km from Alice Springs in the January heat and spent nearly a week with me.

On their last day on the lands Greg filmed George and I having a conversation. Yes, it is a year old but the discussion is still relevant.

Wreck of the Week #76

Only a few kilomtres east of Jameson, heading west over a slight gravelly crest with a right hand bend starting over the crest. May be too fast, maybe the brakes are used and it rolls and ends up on its wheels on the wrong side of the road. Driver is ok (it wasn’t Darcy who is “inspecting” the wreck). Another remote wreck to become Wreck of the week.

Another lucky escape for another driver on the lands.

Wreck of the week