A drive home

Here is an accelerated video of part of my drive home from Warburton to Jameson.
The drive was a few days after some rain so it was very green.

Watch out for the truck

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A Drive Through Country – A Pleasant Sunday Afternoon

I have a previous story titiled A Drive in The Country which the Stumblers loved.

I have recently placed a night time drive post and I have my old favourite about the dangers of my peak hour traffic.

And don’t let me get started on the footage of driving through the mud and de-bogging (?!) our food truck

Have I placed enough links there?

This is part of my everyday and the track slightly better than normal. Look to the end for my faithfull travelling companion. The music was at random from my iPod.

Have a Pleasant Sunday Afternoon

Road to Recovery – Pleasant Sunday Afternoon

It looks like it might be a long and lonely road.

Road to Recovery

Have a pleasant Sunday Afternoon where ever you are.

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