Tangentyere Women’s Group Community Day

Tangentyere Council This short video of the Tangentyere Women’s Group community day may offer a different perspective to the town camps in Alice Springs as well as the strength and resilience of the community members – particularly the women – who in some cases have been living in the town camps for four or more generations.

The open day celebrates the work of the women’s group in areas such as women’s and family safety.

The Intervention and Compulsory Acquisition in Town Camps

This video was recorded in July 2009 a month before the compulsory acquisition of homes in the town camps was supposed to begin.

This video was produced in defence of Tangentyere Council who was forced to relinquish the homes. It would be interesting to go back and interview these women again about whether benefits have actually been seen, and if so if it was what was promised.

It is an interesting little snapshot

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